Welcome to The Violineri! We are specialists in stringed instruments and are enthusiastic musicians ourselves, and we would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

For over a quarter of a century we’ve sold and repaired violins, violas, cellos and double basses and their bows. Whether you’re a beginner, an amateur or a professional, we can help you find the right instrument. We have a large selection of fine modern and antique French, German, English, Chinese, Italian and Australian instruments ready to play. A good place to start looking is in our Featured Instruments & Bows section, but please note that we have many more instruments of all levels in stock.

And if your instrument needs servicing or repair, we can help! Please visit our shop in Box Hill, Melbourne or contact us for more information.

Shop Access Update Saturday 14th February

Thank you for your understanding while we have work done to our front fence. Please use the driveway at 979 Canterbury Rd to access the shop today, Saturday 14th of February. Please call us on 03 9899 6552 if you have any trouble!

Shop Access 20th - 23rd January 2015

Between Tuesday 20th and Friday 23rd of January please use the car park in RHL Sparks Reserve and enter the shop through our side gate entrance (this is clearly marked at the top of the Reserve). We are having building work done to the front fence, so the normal driveway entrance (from Canterbury Rd) is not accessible during this time.

If you have any queries or are unclear about how to get us, please call 03 9899 6552 and we’ll happily assist you!