Bow Rehairs & Repairs

for violin, viola, cello & bass bows

Bow Rehairs

At The Violineri, we offer professional rehairs & repairs for violin bows, violas bows, cello bows and double bass bows. All our bow work is undertaken by our resident bow maker Paul B. Shields – so you know you’re in good hands. We use only the finest bow hair available, sourced from England – we then hand sort this hank and select only the best hair to use in our bow rehairs.

Your bow needs to be in good condition in order to perform as well as it can and produce the best possible sound from your instrument. When rehaired professionally, your bow should sit nicely on the string, grip easily and respond quickly & cleanly.

Remember, all bow hair wears out over time and with use – it is natural horse tail hair after all. In our experience, we find that string players who are practising and performing regularly (something we all aim for!) need a bow rehair every 12 – 24 months in order to keep their bow in optimum condition.

Steps of a bow rehair

Paul performs all bow rehairs personally, taking the same amount of care and attention with your bow as he does with his own handcrafted bows. The steps of a bow rehair are:

  • removing the screw and frog, and releasing the old hair by taking off the ferrule, taking out both the frog wedges and the tip wedge
  • meticulously cleaning the stick, frog & silver parts
  • cutting and fitting fresh wedges if required
  • hand sorting the bow hair (up to 50% of the hair off the hank is rejected, removing hair that is kinked or uneven in width)
  • knotting the hair and inserting it into the tip, combing it straight and knotting and inserting it in the frog
  • reassembling the bow, lubricating the screw and checking that the hair is the correct length
  • rosining the bow, ready for you to play
Signs you may need a bow rehair
  • lack of grip from the bow hair on the strings that cannot be rectified by simply using more rosin
  • bow hairs break while you play
  • bow hair won’t take the rosin, but feels a little glassy & overly smooth
  • bow will not track straight when you play – could be a sign of crossed hairs or a bad wedge (an improperly rehaired bow)
  • bow will not tighten or wind down – the hair could be the wrong length or the screw/eyelet damaged
Bow Repairs & Restorations

We can also take care of more detailed and extensive bow repairs & restorations. Simply bring your bow in to our showroom – we will assess it and give you an accurate free quotation for the repairs or restoration work. In most situations these more intricate repairs also require a new rehair to be done once the repairs are complete.

Some of these more detailed repairs include:

  • fitting a new eyelet or screw (including bushing the wood where necessary)
  • fitting a new tip (plastic, bone or silver)
  • replace the mother-of-pearl slide
  • repairing a broken bow head or stick
  • replacing the mother-of-pearl eye
  • repairing or replacing the ebony frog
  • replacing silverwork on the frog

Please contact us to inquire further about our Bow Rehair & Repairs.