Instrument Repairs

for violins, violas & cellos

At The Violineri, we offer a complete professional instrument repair service – with over 25 years of experience in the business you can trust us with your much-loved instrument.

We are specialists with string instruments and regularly perform all manner of instrument repairs, including:

  • cracks (repairing & reinforcing with either cleats or Shoji paper)
  • loose or incorrectly angled necks
  • neck grafts
  • replacing pegs (normal or geared)
  • peg box bushing
  • repairing cracked/missing edges
  • replacing damaged blocks
  • purfling
  • soundpost patches
  • scratches to the varnish
  • replacing damaged ribs
Looking for bow rehairs & repairs? Click here!

Free repair quotations

Simply bring your instrument in to our shop – we will assess it carefully and provide you with an accurate quotation for the cost of the repair work that needs to be done. Naturally there is no obligation to proceed with the repair – this is a free quotation service.

We strongly believe that our prices are very competitive for the quality of work we do & that our service is second to none.

No job is too big or too small, so contact us today for your free quotation!

Wittner Fine Tune geared pegs

Wittner Fine Tune geared pegs are easier to use than traditional wooden pegs, will not slip and have a black finish which looks similar to ebony.

The pegs have an internal gear ratio of 8.5:1 for very precise tuning and the gear mechanism is also self-inhibiting, meaning that it cannot slip back once it is turned.

Many of our clients find that they simplify the process of tuning their instrument. We can fit Wittner geared pegs to any violin, viola or cello – visit our showroom if you’d like to try out the pegs on an instrument!