for violins, violas, cellos & double basses

Professional set-ups & sound quality

In order to achieve great sound from a string instrument it is crucial to have a professional set-up. At The Violineri we believe that any instrument’s sound & playability will be improved with the appropriate set-up. We’re passionate about sound & we strive to achieve the best outcome for every instrument that we handle.

Every instrument we set-up is tested & adjusted until we are satisfied that it is producing the best sound possible.

We can also adjust the set-up to suit your individual playing needs – just come in & have a chat to us!

The bow & tone

Not everyone is aware that the quality & condition of your bow can have a large impact on the sound of your instrument. For the best sound & performance we recommend regular bow rehairs to ensure that your bow is in peak playing condition (see our Bow Rehairs & Repairs page for more information).


Our professional set-ups include:

Bridge – cutting a bridge to fit the top plate of the instrument perfectly, to be placed correctly relative to the bass bar and to be the right height & curvature for the strings over the fingerboard.

Sound-post – cutting & fitting a soundpost is integral to the performance of an instrument. Our sound-posts help the instrument to produce a full & projected sound.

Fingerboard & nut – we take care in planing & polishing the fingerboard to remove imperfections, and adjusting the curve & height of the nut to space the strings correctly over the fingerboard. These elements are especially important for ease of playing and when well done provide the feeling that the instrument is ‘right’ to play.

Pegs – we cut pegs to fit the instrument perfectly to enable smooth turning & ease of use in tuning the instrument. We can also fit Wittner Fine Tune geared pegs to your instrument for an even easier tuning experience.

Strings – we advise on the choice of strings which will be most appropriate for the instrument, musician and style of music being played to enable the production of the best possible sound.

Accessories – we have a range of accessories, including fine tuning adjusters, chin & shoulder rests and can advise on their suitability.