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The Violineri difference

At The Violineri, we believe that every student deserves an instrument that plays easily and produces a good quality sound. The reward of good sound (and the desire to produce even better sound) helps spark a lifelong interest in playing music.

While there are many brands of student instruments available, we only recommend and sell those that we know offer quality sound.

There is a vast difference in both the playability and quality of sound between a factory made instrument with a factory set-up (think Gliga or Raggetti brands) and one that has a custom set-up by an experienced luthier. At The Violineri, we set-up every factory made instrument by hand – this ensures the instrument is capable of producing its best possible sound.

Our custom set-up includes cutting and fitting a new bridge and soundpost, planing the fingerboard to remove imperfections and correct the angle, shaping the nut (which corrects both the height of the strings above the fingerboard and the spacing between each string), adjusting or refitting the pegs (and lubricating them with peg-paste – a far superior solution to chalking the pegs), setting up the instrument with quality strings and rosining the bow.

Each violin, viola, cello or bass is then also played to test the sound quality. If needed, further adjustments to the soundpost are made to ensure the instrument is performing at its peak.

If you find that you need a slight adjustment to personalise your set-up, simply bring the instrument in to us and we will adjust it for you – it’s part of our dedication to great service.

Our experience, skill and attention to detail results in student violins, violas, cellos & basses that sound the best they can – that’s The Violineri difference.

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In the mean time, call us on 03 9899 6552 or email to enquire about our range of student instruments currently available in our showroom.