English c1770 violin A

Anonymous English c.1770 violin & bow

This very interesting instrument is an unlabelled, entirely original violin of unknown English workmanship. It retains its original neck, bassbar, fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs, nut and saddle, possiby even the soundpost and has an original bow with a boxwood stick and ivory frog and button.


The back, sides and neck are of narrow figured maple, all varnish is entirely original. There is no purfling but the craftsmanship is quite skilled and individual.


The inside of the instrument appears unaltered and the bassbar is original. The belly is reinforced with paper on the inside. The paper is covered in French handwritten text. Neck and block are a single piece, there are no liners and the corner blocks are small and fitted after assembly of the sides.


The tone is excellent and the bow is a good match for the instrument. A unique and very rare find. Instrument and bow are sold as a unit and will not be separated.



This violin and all our other fine instruments are for sale at The Violineri in Melbourne – please contact us by phone or use the form below.

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