Mattias (II) Hornsteiner violin front

Mattias (II) Hornsteiner 1795 violin

This violin, from the year 1795, is labelled and signed by Matthias (II) Hornsteiner, arguably the most gifted of the Hornsteiner family. It is a very observant and carefully executed copy of Jacobus Stainer, with carefully thicknessed plates and well executed detail work. Body and scroll belong together and, though badly repaired in the past, the body retains a large amount of very good quality Mittenwald style varnish and most of its original constructional features. The central portions of both front and back are in good order and there are no soundpost or bassbar cracks.

Ian Watchorn restored this violin and notes that:

“it has been returned as closely as possible to its original classical set-up of 1795. The modern bassbar, when removed, revealed a very clear footprint of the original shorter and narrower bar, which has been reconstructed based on measurements of original Mittenwald and Viennese bassbars from the Schreinzer collection in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg.

The violin is now fully playable and has responded very well to the restoration, revealing the strong, bright Stainer-like tonal characteristics one would expect of such a good copy.”



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