Remy, Paris violin front

Remy, Paris ca.1790 violin

Printed label reads:


Luthier e facteur de harpe


This violin retains its unaltered original neck, original bassbar and original fingerboard. The original varnish is in very good condition and the instrument is in an excellent state of preservation. This is an early example of a Stradivari model violin and is very well arched, thicknessed and finished, both front and back.

The single piece back is of strong, sloping figure, the sides similar. The neck and head are of plain maple.

There are no major cracks in the plates, only two minor edge cracks in the belly – one at the upper treble corner and the other in the extreme bass side, lower bout.

The violin is fully restored and playable. Tone is strong and full with good projection and the classical set-up permits use for repertoire from baroque, classical and early romantic periods.

This would make an excellent first instrument, ideal for period performance orchestral and ensemble work.



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