About Us

Founded in 1986, The Violineri is a leading luthier workshop based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in the making, restoration and dealing of fine violins, violas, cellos and bows.

Martin Welch

Director & Luthier
Martin is an expert restorer and luthier with over a decade’s experience in the field.  After tertiary study and several years working professionally as a violinist and violist, Martin worked with Brenton in his Richmond workshop, taking over the business from Brenton some years ago.

Martin has studied fine instrument restoration intensively under the experienced British luthiers John Gosling and Paul Gosling.  Martin’s specialisation is in intricate restoration, high-quality repair and conservation of rare antique instruments. He is passionate about sustainability and seeks to preserve fine instruments for the enjoyment of future generations.

Paul B. Shields

Paul has worked with The Violineri for over fifteen years, specialising in the making and restoration of fine violin, viola and cello bows.

Paul is The Violineri’s exclusive archetier. He has handled many extremely fine bows and is committed to the utmost care of the professional’s and student’s bow alike.

Paul’s passion for bows is unmatched.  His keen attention to detail and expert craftsmanship lead him to create exquisite bows from both pernambuco and native Australian timbers.

Brenton Fyfield

Brenton, a life-long and enthusiastic violinist and violist, founded The Violineri in 1986, opening his first workshop on Bridge Road, Richmond.  Here he became a well-known and highly respected luthier and dealer in the Melbourne music scene.

Having worked in the trade for thirty-five years, Brenton has handled countless fine instruments and bows – his accurate recollection of individual instruments is legendary. Brenton’s passionate and long-term commitment to the trade has enabled many talented craftsmen to likewise pursue their careers as makers and restorers of musical instruments.