Bow Rehairs and Repairs

The Violineri offers excellent repair and restoration work to violin, viola and cello bows. We provide a rehairing service of great quality, using only the finest Mongolian horse hair.

Bow rehairs

The Violineri’s exclusive archetier, Paul Shields, undertakes all our rehairs, using only the finest Mongolian horse hair.

Paul first sorts each hank of hair by hand, allowing him to control the consistency and weight – this provides a seamless and smooth playing experience in the finished bow rehair. He cuts each new wedge individually – an integral part of maintaining the tension and spread of the hair.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for a rehair – we can provide a loan bow to use during this time.

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    Steps in a bow rehair

    The frog is removed from the stick. The old hair is removed from both the frog and the head of the stick, along with two maple wedges used to secure it at each end. The stick and all the bow’s parts are cleaned and thoroughly inspected. If it is a bow’s first rehair, or if the wedges are missing, extra time is taken to craft new wedges carefully, ensuring they fit securely into the bow. These wedges keep the hair in place at each end of the stick.

    Fresh hair, taken from the tail of a Mongolian mare, is carefully sorted for fineness and uniformity. It is bound together at each end, combed and wet, then fastened by fixing the wedges into the head and frog of the bow. The frog is then replaced and the new hair is allowed to dry.

    Finally all details are thoroughly checked and the finished bow is rosined and tested under tension.

    Bow Repairs & Restorations

    Over time, bows can sustain a significant amount of wear and tear from normal use (and perhaps, too, damage from the occasional unfortunate accident). Our archetier, Paul Shields, specialises in the repair and restoration of fine bows. His skilled attention can rejuvenate your bow.

    We offer a full range of repairs to fine bows, including:

    • Tip (bone, silver or gold) replacement
    • Eyelet replacement
    • Replacing damaged or missing mother-of-pearl to frogs and adjusters/screws
    • Repairing damaged frogs – fitting ebony patches
    • Reseating or replacing damaged liners
    • Reparing or replacing silverwork in frogs & adjusters/screws
    • Realigning adjusters & eyelets through bushing & redrilling holes
    • Repairing severely worn sticks with pernambuco patches (often around the index finger or thumb contact points)