Instrument Repairs

With over thirty years of trading history in Melbourne The Violineri is a well-established and respected centre for instrument restoration in Australia. We spare no expense to ensure we restore fine antiques to the highest possible standards and we do so using the finest traditional European tools and methods.

Repair Services

In our workshop we offer a wide range of repairs including:

  • Crack repair
  • Loose or incorrectly angled necks reset
  • Plate edge repair
  • Replacing damaged blocks
  • Peg box bushings
  • Neck grafts
  • Purfling repair
  • Varnish retouch
  • Soundpost patching
  • Rib repair and/or replacement

Enquire Now

    Can’t visit us in person?

    We offer a customised repair service – we can arrange secure, Australia-wide transportation of instruments to and from our Melbourne workshop.

    Please contact us by phone 0481 463 373 or email to enquire about this service.