Servicing & Set-ups

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to the upkeep of an instrument’s tone, structural integrity and value. We take great care and pride in our work to deliver set-ups which maximise an instrument’s musical capacity so that each instrument leaves our workshop sounding and playing at its very best.


The following components are wearable parts and require replacement over an instrument’s lifetime:

  • Tuning pegs
  • Nut
  • Fingerboard
  • Bridge
  • Soundpost
  • Tailpiece
  • Fine tuners
  • Saddle
  • End pin

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    Set-up & Tone

    The quality of the set-up on an instrument plays a critical role in maximising that instrument’s tone. Great skill and time go into properly carving, fitting and adjusting an instrument’s bridge and sound post such that they perform at maximum capacity. The results are immediately apparent in the enhancement of the instrument’s tone – well worth the time and effort.

    The bridge is the piece of carved maple which sits between the instrument and the strings; it transmits vibration into the soundboard. The soundpost is made from spruce and sits within the body of the instrument, between the top and bottom plates.

    These two wearable parts need to be replaced periodically and greatly influence the tonal quality and playability of the instrument. We take great care to ensure that each set-up that leaves our workshop maximises the tone of the instrument.